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Forever Wars #100

United Nations Warns of Yemen's Next Disaster

Matt Bors' JUSTICE WARRIORS Puts Comics in an Illegal Chokehold

Part of How They Took Away Your Bodily Autonomy Was Through Terrorism

Eric Greitens' Death Squad Politics

Few of The President's Men

Ottomans vs. Vampires: Saladin Ahmed on His New Comic, DRAGON

The Summertime FOREVER WARS Work Slowdown

You Guys Actually Worship Cthulhu

What America Does Abroad Is What America Does at Home

Civil Libertarian Opposition To New Domestic-Terrorism Bill Weakens

Basketball Is Broken

When Terrorism Is White, As It So Often Is

Democrats must make abortion the center of their politics

Who Becomes A "Terrorist" in Post-Roe America?

Despair Is Premature And Rage Is Insufficient

The Defense Industry Is Winning in Ukraine

NSA Gives $10 Billion Contract To Company With Ex-NSA Director on Its Board

As Elon Musk Seizes Twitter, Watch His Pentagon Moves

COVID-19, Season 3 Opener

Life After Being The Center of The World

At War With the Pedophile Knowers

How The Forever Wars Were (Mis)Reported For 20 Years

Thirty Months To The Beginning of Extinction

How The U.S. Moves in Europe vs. How The U.S. Moves in Asia

Saving Ukraine vs. Defeating Russia

Maybe Take It Seriously When Coup Advocates Talk About Throwing People in Guantanamo?

Protect trans kids.

The Second U.S. Sacrifice of Yemen

His Torture Was 'On-The-Job-Practice' for CIA Interrogators' ‘Certification’

Report of the CIA Inspector General Regarding Allegations of Torture Made by Ammar al-Baluchi

Pentagon Official Rules That A Man The CIA Raped And Tortured Can Go Free

As The Invasion of Ukraine Goes On, Pressure To Escalate Goes Up

Trust The CIA About What It Should Cover Up, Says Supreme Court

So, Just Making Sure That We Agree: It's OK To Seize Oligarchs' Stuff Now

Making Ordinary Russians Suffer for Putin's Invasion

U.S. Bombs Somalia as Russia Bombs Ukraine

Pennsylvania Man Charged With Torture Outside Official CIA Channels

The Digital Offertory and the Militant Right

The CIA Has Been Stealing Your Data For Years

How A Song About a Dog Toy Kept Me From Shitting Myself in Iraq

When An Iraqi Traffic Cop Offers To Share The Porn on His Phone

'America Is Not A Land of Crime, Horror, Murder, Hatred, and Bloodshed'


Iran, Sanctions and Inflation as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Marxist Dialectic of The Sewer People

Build Back Better (Weapons Sales Only)

U.S. Economic Strangulation Could Kill More Afghans Than 20 Years of U.S. War

Jonathan and Spencer Go to White Castle

Strawberry Fields Forever

The Onset of Normalization

Today We’re Gonna Give It 35 Percent