The wages of exalting generals and admirals come when we see them express open contempt for the people who exalted them.
Once upon a time, an administration told a story about how it was going to end a war. Then it erased the distinction between peace and a Saudi victory.
What happens when the theme-park guys come for Jack Kirby and Chloe Zhao
Ken Wainstein will run the intelligence shop at the Department of Homeland Security. They tried to make me to go to his rehab and I said no, no, no
If I try reading The Apocalypse and The End of History by Suzanne Schneider, I see right through them.
The books, in fairness, often concern human misery.
In his first-ever statement, Majid Khan detailed the vengeful reality of the post-9/11 CIA: “The more I cooperated and told them, the more I was tortur…
In 1971, one of the greatest journalists of the Vietnam War asked a question that echoes decades later. Join me... and ponder... What If?
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