Sitemap - 2021 - Forever Wars

We Hope Yule Log Off Whenever Possible

Here’s The Money You Raised To Protect Abortion Access in Texas

A Murder Scheme Straight Out of Early Steely Dan

CAIR Infiltrated by Islamophobic Organization; Alleges Israeli Connection

The Bastard Children of the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force

Behind The Guantanamo Theater

The Peril and the Promise of Biden’s Drone Review

Guantanamo Bay, From Cage To Threshold

A Song All By Himself

Who Must Be A Terrorist, And Who Can Never Be

Major General Despair

Never Mind Yemen, Biden OKs $1 Billion in Weapons Sales To Saudis

Science Fiction Land

Another War on Terror Ghoul Enters The Biden Administration

Nihilistic Feelings Are Moving

Enough Human Misery, Let’s Talk about Some Recent Books

‘I Was Raped By The CIA Medics,’ Says Black-Site Survivor

The War Crimes Trials That Never Happened

On U.S. Intelligence’s Wiki, Anxiety About Legal Challenges To Drone Strikes

"On U.S. Intelligence’s Wiki, Anxiety About Legal Challenges To Drone Strikes," Oct. 22, 2021

The Only Man Who Could Have Stopped The Iraq War Is Dead

Terrorism, Structural Racism, And Facebook

Fear Itself

Yes, Why Not Let Abu Zubaydah Testify?

Watching The FBI Lose, Destroy the Documents Justifying Surveillance

Disparate Fronts: Seth Meyers, Press Freedom, and Our Abortion Fundraiser

‘A More Sustainable And Agile Counterterrorism Approach’

The Time The CIA Director Came To Hear My Band 

Return to Little Pakistan: Mohammad Razvi Holds It Together

Return To Little Pakistan: Bobby Khan v. The Police

Return To Little Pakistan: The Reign of Terror in Brooklyn after 9/11

Ms. Marvel, the Intersectional X-Men, and the War on Terror: A Conversation Between Spencer Ackerman and Saladin Ahmed

Stream A New Ted Leo Song Inspired By REIGN OF TERROR

Over 900,000 People Dead, a ‘Vast Undercount,’ and $8 Trillion Looted 

Victims of A Drone Strike, Momentarily Visible

Biden Won't Free The Last Two Afghans at Guantanamo Bay

This Could Be the Next Afghan Insurgency

‘Deus Vult,’ Said The Cosmopolitans

White Replacement Theory v1.0 Is Returning

Everything That Will Follow A Taliban Victory Is Still A Part of America's War


The CIA’s Outsourced Torture Is Lost To History

Out of The Newsroom   

Against National Security

Say Their Names

‘The Remaining 40 Detainees Are All High Risk’

This Is Forever

Tracing the continuities, departures and permutations of the War on Terror.