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Bipartisan hagiographies of a mediocre general who shacked a bottle of anthrax in UN in support of invasion and destruction of Iraq with millions dead and injured.

A war criminal -- compare with brutal punishment of a soldier for spoiling St. Obama's legacy of killing only “militants”- with truth of mass killings by drones by redefining “militant” as any male above 18 year old.

Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Imprisoned In Communications Management Unit Designed For Terrorists

He is the first person convicted for an unauthorized disclosure of information to the press to be incarcerated in a CMU, which the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) claims is for terrorists and “high-risk inmates.”


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I remember watching him when he did it. I was like "holy shit, he's doing it". The performance itself was sickening, but watching so many people I regarded as sensible buy it hook line and sinker was so much worse.

Any talk of Powell's "legacy" has to be linked forever with a video of him slinging bullshit.

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