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I understand why you wrote this but just wanted to correct you for using the wrong picture for your story.

You have a picture of Hargeisa the capital city of Somaliland. Your story is about Somalia. Somaliland and Somalia have nothing to do with each other for the last 30 years. The two have taken two different paths.

While Somaliland has been peaceful and secure and nothing much happens. In fact, the last time an Airstike took place in Somaliland was during the liberation of Somaliland from the Somalia dictator Siyad Barre in 1988. Siyad Barre was ousted from Somalia by Somaliland's liberation army in 1991.

Also, the first and last time (1 single incident) that a terrorism bombed Hargeisa was in 2008. That was the last time any thing close to an explosion was heard in Hargeisa for close to 18 years, and that is the last bomb since 2008.

Basically, Somaliland is very secure and peaceful. There is no US Airstrike in Somaliland - never been. In fact, there was never any foreign soldier either from neighboring countries or far afield (US etc) on Somaliland soil.

On the other hand, Somalia is in civil war and has been ravaged by terrorism and regional power struggles.

Please correct you story and use the correct images.

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we don’t care about somalia why you take somaliland photos what is the reason

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At the request of the Somalia government. How is that equivalent to Russia invading Ukraine?

And that Jacobin article is complete shit. Who exactly in the US is advocating for military troops in Ukraine?

You are a fucking clown.

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thanks for this. what choice do we have in the collapse?

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