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A fact and a mysterious relationship:

Fact: The difference between GOP foreign policy and Democrat foreign policy is pretty much imperceptible. Media-hidden secret: The parties are pretty much in sync on all the big issues, respective lip servicing notwithstanding.

Mystery: Why our leaders are all so submissive to the Saudis. I get it in the early years of the founding of the "kingdom"; foreign oil was important enough to rationalize if not justify the relationship. Too, for the first couple of decades, Armco was controlled by the UK and us so some submission to the House of Said was no big deal. But with time, it should become a less important relationship, yet our leaders can't let's say adapt to changing times although, of course, capture of the state by established business interests -- Big Oil in this case -- is a huge factor. Still. But the yet bigger mystery is why the UK and US ceded majority ownership of Armco to the Saudis.

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