You’re not just a terrific reporter, Spencer, but you’re a mensch for doing what you can Texan women.

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Apropos of nothing in your post, but ....

I'm at the "Decadent Phase ...." chapter of your book - whose title you surely intended as irony since the whole enterprise was/is decadent - and feeling a kind of disgust, despair, dispiritedness toward my government and ALL of its 'leaders' that I have never experienced before. During the past two decades, I have followed news coverage, op-eds, documentaries, the Intercept's Drone papers, etc., etc., etc. about this nadir of our nation's soul and competence. But seeing it all collected in your book ..., well, the closest experience I can recall is reading Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment as a teenager 50 years ago. Perhaps the best word to describe my attitude is alienation, not that I'm planning to murder any pawnbrokers but I'd surely like to air-drop all the slime balls responsible for this study in American Evil into Tora Bora to let them experience what they have wrought. Actually, as your book makes clear, we could accomplish much the same immersive experience closer to home: just render them undocumented and confine them to one of our immigration detention centers.

Anyway, thanks for my soul-sickness - I mean that sincerely in the sense that an informed citizenry is vital to accountability. One question: Do you have any recommended cures for this soul-sickness? What can we citizens do to ameliorate the evil miasma our government has us drowning in? I'm not suggesting that you are responsible for cures; just interested to know your thoughts.

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