Great, great piece.

Of course, Crabapple’s preaching to the converted here so besides following her precepts, we really have to spread this piece around.

Just two quibbles. Consider the following supplemental:

First, She’s far too kind in holding a whole lot of blame for the Democrats’ willful failure to protect the right and, I dunno, instead of supporting various GOP initiatives in too many areas like the economy and national security (such as it is), it acted like a genuine opposition party, giving its supporters actions instead of punk lip service.

Too, whatever the Dobbs draft goes through between now and whenever, what’s not changing is that Roe’s getting reversed and the federal right to abortion eliminated.

Going forward, we can come together and help those we can, or we can be no better than our awful leaders. But going forward, the state is the enemy.

That ranted, still a great piece.

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Thank you for sharing this. ♥️

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