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Congrats on what I hope is an all-expenses-paid trip to Italy. You deserve it! Not only for your excellent book but also for this excellent substack. Kudos.............! And, because Spencer knows best, I just donated to the Amazon Labor Union on Go Fund Me.

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"But on this earth, the only earth we get, there is no clean energy infrastructure that can be subbed in for Russian oil, because capital so wills it."

They also don't want any other infrastructure, because they are intent on turning the US into a murderous dog-eat-dog wasteland of fortified HOAs run by billionaires that uses only gol...er, chumpcoin as currency until they are all raptured up into a libertarian heaven, which is apparently a nasty little sundown town populated entirely by the sort of people who view The Villages as the highest expression of human culture. That this vision keeps refusing to come true means we just have to generate more carbon. (That this is all easily overcome should we wish to do so, and we're willing to not be too precious about it, is what makes it insanely frustrating.)

"What remains is the overwhelming urgency, for so many reasons, to aggressively pursue a diplomatic end to the Russian aggression and the arduous path to a decarbonized world in 30 short months."

I don't see it happening Spencer. The peace bit. If you will recall the constant 'peace negotiations' around the Korean war, the NOKs and their Chinese friends maintained the main argument was about the shape of the table. That is, they figured they could win it, so they just kept dragging it out.

Given the timing and the deployment, it looks to me like a certain somebody (or somebodies) in the Kremlin went on a rager (no, not the fun kind) about the RFA's failure to get anywhere two weeks into the offensive, and fell back on old tricks that worked in Chechnya. That actually has not achieved the effect they were looking for, but at no point do I see them quitting because they don't want to give anything up, at all, ever. Then they'll want to be trying again later.

"All that is to say this: If you support the Amazon Labor Union, and you're able, FOREVER WARS encourages you to donate to their GoFundMe. This is a material struggle. The only support is material support. "

Done. Last night.

"The only thing America has to lose is its impunity. Which explains why we're not part of the ICC."

Torture is evil and just cause for war if your hated enemies do it, and not actually torture if your guys do it.

"I was unexpectedly invited to take part in a panel for a journalism festival that, if you can believe it, takes place in Italy. I've never been to Italy."

Enjoy it, Spencer! Hope you have a good time!


can't save the world in a week

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