Who wants to read a never-before-published document leaked by Edward Snowden? It’s weird
Intellipedia entry: “Targeted Killing-Policy, Legal and Ethical Controversy” (PDF) Appended to this article.
Colin Powell chose to sell a war he knew was wrong. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were unavailable for comment on his death
The ‘radical indifference’ of the surveillance-capitalist giant reflects and entrenches a racialized understanding of political violence.
In the post-9/11 era, police departments blur the lines that separate them from spy services. More and more Americans get the treatment the CIA gives o…
On one hand: The CIA might not be able to get foreign spy services to torture people. On the other: A tortured man could pursue justice. 🤔
What started as an audit of the Carter Page espionage investigation has expanded and “identified systemic noncompliance” with crucial surveillance cons…
Just some random things thrown together as me and Sam report out larger stories. Also, an abortion-access fund update.
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